Final Project

My final project will be about what I’m currently researching. I am an exercise major and got lucky enough to land a research position recently in the field that I am actually studying. At this point in time, I think that my blog will be about what I am doing. In addition, I will also be bringing up literature and discussing the interesting things that come up and bring some truths to light in the field of VO2 max and CO2 production when we walk at certain speeds. I will discuss what I would want to do if I was given the chance to start my own project. I’m still not sure exactly how this would work because I am not sure how many posts I can post before I run out. This would also require a lot of extra research because it would definitely be hard to take a paper and talk about it for more than 2-3 posts of around 500 words. I am also not sure how well this would work because pictures would not really be an option. It would just be graphs and charts. I’m not sure how interested a reader would be in reading science. If I were to factor the interest of the audience in my topic, it would probably be pretty low. Therefore, I’m not 100% sure if I want to follow through with it.


3 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. joellerae

    I think you’re idea is really interesting and even more so due to the fact that it has to do with something you’re interested in. Since it is a field you are leaning towards entering and has to do with your major, I think it will keep you motivated and will be easy for you to write about!

  2. rebeccalee0927

    It might be a little difficult, but since it is something you are into and really like, it will come easy to you! Just be creative and show why this interests you so much. Because it will show other people why it should be so interesting to them as well.

  3. miguelalex888

    I think that the more you yourself are invested into a topic, the more interesting it will be to an audience. In that way, something you dedicate most of your time studying and getting involved with is probably the best thing to choose for a final project topic. I say go for it!


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