Do we have to take Turnitin seriously?

Recently I was talking to my TA about the usefulness of turnitin, and there might not be much of a point to it at all. Turnitin can sometimes analyze a paper as 30% plagiarized when it is completely original; at the same time, a paper can be analyzed as completely original when the concepts have been for the most part stolen from a separate source.

This relates to our issue of our cognitive surplus. If we can’t be original anymore – if there is no new material to create – then do we need to come up with a new way to describe plagiarism?

What do you guys think plagiarism is today?

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2 thoughts on “Do we have to take Turnitin seriously?

  1. dcho95

    Turnitin, although it, I guess, “does its job well,” is pretty pointless because it only compares similar words in other essays. Although it helps sometimes, you could write a sentence and without knowing, Turnitin could pick it up in another essay. Yes, plagiarizing is bad and shouldn’t be done, but every idea has to start somewhere. I don’t think people should be blamed for taking an idea and just expanding on it. In Expos, my teacher requires us to turn in our essay on Turnitin. However, I don’t know if it really matters because her essay questions are so vague that I’m almost 100% positive that no one in my class will have the same paper. It all depends on how you look at it, I guess.

  2. laurenreesebenson

    I like to refer to one of our readings about how students who plagarized work completely were creative then not. I think being able to use others thoughts and ideas gives you a strong backbone for you own thoughts and ideas.


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