Podcast project idea

So I’m really not too sure about what I’d like to do for my podcast project yet. One of my good friends works as press for a website specialized in electronic music. My friend in particular is especially invested in the EDM community; he travels to shows several times per month, is always introducing me to new artists, and has strong opinions about the direction where electronic music is headed. I thought it could be interesting to interview him about his knowledge on the subject, while incorporating clips of music, for the podcast project. However this idea does also depend on the cooperation and time of my friend. I know that I’d like to get several voices on my podcast, which can be done by interviews with friends who want to participate.

Another idea I have is to interview students who have participated in study abroad programs through Rutgers within the past year. I know that myself, and at least ten other students who studied abroad with me in Paris last spring, have a lot to say about the positives and negatives of studying abroad. Maybe I could set up an advice panel on what it’s really like to study abroad? Students can share stories and experiences, give warnings to any future students thinking about going abroad, talk about the cultural differences between america and the country they studied in. It’s a vague idea but I think there’s a lot I could do with it! 

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About taniaseibert

I'm finishing up my last semester of undergrad at Rutgers University this fall, majoring in English and minoring in French, before pursuing my teacher's certification in secondary English education. I love creative writing, poetry, most literature, and everything about music, movies and television.

2 thoughts on “Podcast project idea

  1. alistever

    I think that both of your ideas have a lot of potential, and both subjects are pretty versatile, so you could take either one in many different directions. I think making your decision comes down to how much you care about what your audience thinks. I personally think that I would be interested in either topic, but I feel as though the study abroad idea will be more relatable because I’m sure every student has heard of or considered studying abroad. Also, I think you’ll have more control with the study abroad option. As you mentioned, the electronic music idea would be heavily dependent on the time and cooperation of your friend; and I personally hate that when working on a project..I like to be able to work on it whenever I want. I think either topics are interesting so I’m sure whichever you choose will be great!

  2. GabbyG

    I think both ideas are great but it would probably be a bit easier for you to do the study abroad one, mainly just because you would be dependent on your friend. That being said, I think either idea can work out really well and has their own strengths. The EDM blog would be entertaining while the study abroad blog would be informative and possibly enlightening. Either way, good luck!


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