Podcast Idea

I was very unsure of what I wanted my podcast idea to be about, but after reading other classmates’ ideas a light went off in my head. I’d like to do a podcast on religion, particularly about catholicism and two other highlighted specific religions. I want to compare their transitions over the years, and understand the dependency people have on this idea of “religion”. I grew up in a very catholic area in Indiana, and having been removed from it for awhile I would like to explore why there was such a fascination with religion. And why were people who didn’t believe in God looked down upon so much?


3 thoughts on “Podcast Idea

  1. GabbyG

    Indiana to Rutgers? That must have definitely been a change! But I think your idea is great and would be seriously fascinating to listen to. Just out my own curiosity, do you think that people who don’t believe in God are looked down as much here as they were in Indiana?

  2. juliamoore3

    Religion can be a difficult topic to make interesting for college students but I think your ideas have great potential. Your project seems intriguing to me because rarely ever do I think about the importance of religion in communities besides my own. Be sure to include some of your observations and own judgements on how religion compares in Indiana to as it does in New Jersey.

  3. dcho95

    I like this topic! I think religion is an interesting topic to explore because it may or may not have a significant impact on college students (in my opinion). From what I’ve seen and know, college students either really get into it or really reject it wholeheartedly. Going into depth on a particular religion should be very interesting to see!


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