Final Blog Idea

For my final blog idea I want to do a blog based on the idea of mental health. It’ll focus on the primary illnesses people our age can suffer from (ex. depression, anxiety, etc.) and will discuss symptoms and ways to improve mental situations. It can range from prescribed medications to learning how to meditate and find inner peace. I think a blog like this would be a cool outlet for people suffering from mental illness to be able to relate with one another and not feel so alone. And who knows you could learn a new way to cope with an illness!


2 thoughts on “Final Blog Idea

  1. juliamoore3

    A blog is a great way for people suffering from the same illnesses to connect and support each other with the options of keeping ones identity anonymous. You could also include recent research and scientific discoveries in medicine. But overall I think you should aim to make your blog more of a support system for mentally ill people rather than as a medical resource.

  2. jscillitani

    I like your idea, however I think juliamoore3 has a good point with what she has suggested for your blog. I think that it would be really beneficial and useful for some people if you make your blog a support system for mentally ill people. I think you could definitely still incorporate a medical aspect, to provide knowledge about different disorders and what not, but then another focal point on support would be great.


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