Finalized Podcast Idea

So I think I have finally come up with a podcast idea, well a refined one anyways. After my last post, the topic that got the most positive feedback is the idea of interracial dating between people of our age group (I apologize for not commenting back on everyone’s posts on that btw). I think my focuses are going to be on interviewing a few people of different ethnic backgrounds and ask them about how they viewed dating when they were younger and how they view it now, especially being in such a diverse environment like Rutgers. I am really curious to see what kind of responses I get. I might do a talk show/round table/gossip-session kind of podcast so that way everyone can state their opinions. Any thoughts out there?


2 thoughts on “Finalized Podcast Idea

  1. joellerae

    Interracial dating is definitely a good topic to choose due to the fact that it has come a long way over the years. Depending on the person, I feel like you will receive a lot of diversity in your responses which will make it extremely interesting.

  2. mjboyer

    Great idea. Preface your podcast with some background and statistics. For example, discuss how interracial dating was once illegal. You could also talk about how some proms in the south are still segregated. An important statistics that you should use is that Rutgers is one of if not the top college for interracial dating.


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