Final Project Ideas O.O

For the final project, I think I might make a page dedicated to culture around the world. Maybe have sections dedicated to different regions around the world and talk about food and music and holidays and such.

Or make a page dedicated to either food or music around the world. I guess it depends on what I research and what catches my interest more. But I do want to broaden people’s ideas with this page and would love some feedback about what would interest you all the most.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Ideas O.O

  1. joellerae

    I really like your final project idea because I feel like most people are stuck in their own worlds and do not realize the culture around them. There is an extremely large amount of diversity in our world and I think your project could help to show what is really out there.

  2. mjboyer

    This would be interesting to see. I love new cultures, foods and reasons to celebrate! The food part really interestes me . If you do this, please do a section on Germany. Some great food, wine and culture!


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