Final Project Idea

For the final project, I have decided on two major ideas. I am thinking about making a blog about fitness and staying in shape. For this idea, I could make posts about certain workouts that work different body parts. Many people talk about how they want to get in shape but never know exactly what to do. This blog could assist them and give them workout tips along with healthy recipes to follow. Eating clean and exercising is overlooked by many and my blog could potentially educate everyone about how important it is to stay healthy. Even though this idea may be a bit overused, it is something that interests me so I feel as if it is the best topic to choose.

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About joellerae

My name is Joelle Altomare! I am currently attending Rutgers University, class of 2016, and I am a cell biology and neuroscience major. I have a twin sister and my favorite thing to do in my free time is surf. The purpose of this blog is to motivate people and show them that nothing is impossible. With determination comes greatness and if you work hard towards your goals, you will achieve them.

3 thoughts on “Final Project Idea

  1. mjboyer

    I like this idea. Personally im currently not in the best of shape, but something like this would help someone like me. It makes it easier for the less motivated to haverecioes and workout routines already lined up. A blog like this would be really popular!

  2. alistever

    I think this is a great idea! Mainly because you can make it as broad or specific as you’d like! Another reason why I would enjoy reading and following a blog on this topic is because I personally feel as though people really do try to be fit when it comes to eating and exercising, but aren’t really educated about it, and just go off of what certain websites or people say.

  3. jscillitani

    This is an awesome idea! I would love to read a blog about fitness and staying in shape because that is something that I am not only very interested in, but could also use some advice/help while trying to be fit and stay in shape!


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