Final Project Idea

For the final project blog I have a vague idea(s) of what I would like to do. I am thinking  that I would like to create a page that explores an active lifestyle and travel. I myself actively ski and scuba dive and have travelled to many unique places to pursue it! I would include skiing and diving because I am familiar with them but maybe also investigate other ‘extreme sports’ like surfing, hiking, spelunking etc. and correlate them to traveling, food, and culture. My other option was to just focus on either skiing or scuba and create a blog based on that activity specifically, maybe add pages to it that suggest great locations, shops, tips, etc.  


2 thoughts on “Final Project Idea

  1. eduvert1

    I think either is a great idea! But i think the first one will interest a lot more people since everyone loves to travel to some extent. I personally love love love to travel and learn things about cultures and food and other people from other places, so maybe I am a little biased in that sense. But I love that idea, or the scuba diving one since I have never been. I’d love to learn a few things about it!

  2. alistever

    I think this is a great idea mainly because you have travelled before and can give 1st hand experiences–something that not every blog can claim they do. I personally find it way more interesting to read things from someone’s perspective, and if you make suggestions as to where to go and what to eat, I trust your sources more than a magazine that gets paid to put places and restaurants in print. I like your initial idea that pertained to correlating food and travel to certain extreme sports. Its a unique combination and I think many people would enjoy reading your blog!


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