Final Project Idea

For my final project idea, I will pursue a blog focused on news and entertainment, just like my podcast. My blog would product content such as my podcast. The news part would focus on politics and government related issues, including those that are social, economic and foreign relations related. The obstacle I face as an editor for such a blog is how I will communicate these issues. I do not want such a blog to simply pander to a base of already politically informed partisans who aren’t really working toward any real solution/already have their minds “made up.” I want to reach people who have never been interested in politics before. I want them to see the enjoyment in reading, watching, listening, etc. to issues related to politics. I want to ignite that interest.

So, I plan to not just focus on politics even though it will be very political. I wish to expand the blog so that tech issues, social issues, personal financial issues, etc. all tie into the greater picture — which is inherently political. I wish for my blog to make these connections via a medium and in a way in which the reader understands something the previously did not. The entertainment aspect will help with this. It will be the main obstacle: how can I make this article, media, etc. informative yet entertaining to read? How can I use sarcasm or reality to depict things in an entertaining yet factual way?


One thought on “Final Project Idea

  1. jimmyparnell

    This is a different and very interesting idea. I think that if your aiming for a political idea, you should focus less on “problems” or controversial topics in politics, rather make it comical in the sense of John Stewart or Stephen Colbert and how they do their shows.


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