Potential Podcast Ideas

I am unsure of what to do my podcast on.  I have ran quite a few ideas through my head, but now I need to actually sit down and really think about which idea I feel I could make the best podcast out of.  Some of my ideas include: things about conspiracy theories/the illuminati, body image problems (within the younger age group – 10-15 year olds), stereotypes about sororities, and lastly, the power of positivity.

I have a few ideas for a podcast on conspiracy theories/illuminati but I would need to spend more time researching and getting my facts straight about this topic.  I am really interested in learning about these kinds of things though, so I think I could have some fun with it.  And actually as I am typing this, I just thought of an idea for a podcast about witchcraft/magic and how people believe it back and continue to today.  This idea would also require research and I don’t think that it would have much of my own opinion throughout it, I would just speak about what these things are and why/why not people tend to believe them.

Another idea I have is about body image problems and how they are more and more apparent even within young children, mainly girls.  I thought of this idea while I was listening to one of the example podcasts, “It’s Not My Fault I’m Pretty”.  I was really able to relate to this podcast and I found myself interested to keep listening and hear what was next to come, so I would like to chose topic that other people in the audience are eager to hear about as well.  For this topic, I not only have personal examples to give, but I also have second hand examples that I have gained through observing girls between the ages of 10-12, since I have an 11 year old sister.  I don’t think people understand the extent of just how bad body image issues have become amongst youngsters.

I am also interested in doing a podcast about the stereotypes of sororities and the “horror stories” that always seem to make the news as opposed to all the wonderful things that come from them.  I know that my podcast would be slightly biased being that I am part of a wonderful sorority and have not had a bad experience yet- so maybe I could generalize it a little bit more by saying how Greek Life in general (both sororities and fraternities) are a great thing.  I would want to address the horrors,  but acknowledge that these things could happen anywhere regardless of being involved in Greek Life, along with shine light on all the positive things that Greek Life gives back to the community.

Lastly, I think it would be really cool to talk about the power of positivity and how beneficial it is to be positive in life.  I would have to research about this and gather some examples the power of positivity but I think that it would be a really interesting podcast.

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My name is Jenna. I am a student at Rutgers University. My major is Public Health, and I am in a BS/MPH Program for a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences. In my free time, I really enjoy working on DIY (Do-it Yourself) projects and crafting.

1 thought on “Potential Podcast Ideas

  1. Quinn

    I think it would be really cool if you did your project on Greek Life because it is something not many people are a part of and could give an inside perspective that clears up common theories or misconceptions. I think it is the most interesting out of your other choices becuase it is a personal experience and original becuase no one else can do that project unless they have expereineced Greek Life. I think it would also be interesting to compare Greek Life at Rutgers to Greek Life at other Universities becuase frankly I don’t think it is that big at Rutgers where other Universitites, especially in the South, being in Greek Life is 50% of their student body. While there is the same sorirtiy at multiple schools you may have a completely different expereince based on their type of Greek community.


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