How much do you guys like buzzfeed or even go on buzzfeed? Do some of you guys happen to not know about buzzfeed at all?

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I recently just discovered buzzfeed and its entertainment. I have always seen it on facebook with people posting certain posts onto their friend’s wall, but I never had the interest to actually click on the link and see what was so “funny and great” about it. However, recently I was very bored at work and decided to go on this popular website and I must say, it did keep me entertained for a good time. For those of you who have not gone it, I highly recommend going on it. It is a website where different people post whatever they want, such as “19 tips for fighting like a girl”, with pictures or GIFs from either a movie, a show or anything to represent what they are trying to say in 19 different ways. It doesn’t always have to be 19, but you get my point. They have different topics such as food, LOL, trashy, fail, and so on. They even have real news on the website so that people can follow what is going on in the world and in the country on the serious note. It really is an entertaining website that is a great way to kill time!


One thought on “Buzzfeed

  1. kristinalisa08

    Ive recently looked into buzz feed as well and i agree. It really does a great job at killing time and I really enjoy reading what it has to offer! Its too entertaining.


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