Podcast Ideas

When I was thinking about potential topics of my podcast, I decided that it would have to be something that I first and foremost, enjoyed. If I was going to talk about a topic for fifteen minutes, it should probably be something I like. In addition to this, I tried to think of topics that would allow me to add in appropriate sounds and other auditory elements to make my podcast dynamic. That’s the main point I took from listening to “Slow”; the ability to layer and mix sounds throughout the entire podcast makes a podcast far more interesting, and I felt as though it would hold my listener’s attention. So after doing some brainstorming, I decided that my podcast is going to be about my hometown’s culture: the beach, and more specifically, surfing. Sometimes I forget that living on a barrier island on the Jersey Shore is an experience that many don’t get to have, and surfing is usually a completely foreign concept to everyone who doesn’t do it. I think that layering the different sounds of the beach and ocean  will make my podcast interesting, and create the dynamism I mentioned previously. My overall aim with the podcast is to give a glimpse into what its like to live in “America’s Greatest Family Resort”–and what it’s really made up of when the tourists leave after labor day: a close-knit community of surfers.

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About alistever

I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers University looking to major in marketing. I'm on the field hockey team and spend a majority of my free time (when I'm not on the field or in the classroom) hanging out with my teammates. I love to online shop or more specifically browse and Pinterest is one of my favorite websites to visit.

5 thoughts on “Podcast Ideas

  1. jimmyparnell

    Im excited to listen to this podcast because I also live on the beach and understand the connection with it that only people who live there would feel.

  2. joellerae

    Being that I live close to the beach and am a fellow surfer, I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast! It sounds extremely interesting and definitely something that many people will find entertaining and informational.

  3. rebeccalee0927

    Wow it is so cool that you surf. That is something on my bucket list that I want to learn as soon as possible. I didn’t know you could surf on Jersey water, I always imagined it to be something in California or Florida. I would like to visit where you live, it sounds like a pleasant place! Good luck with your podcast project.


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