Apparently iPads and Diapers Do Mix…

I stumbled upon an article entitled, “38% of Children Under 2 Use Social Media, Study Says” ( and although this is the first article I’ve seen concerning youngsters and technology, the results this article reports are relatively shocking. The article states the 2 out of 5 children have used a smartphone or tablet before speaking full sentences, and that since kids are beginning to use technology younger and younger these days, it is changing how children fundamentally consume media. Since I haven’t read up on how using technology at a young age affects children beyond this article, I can’t come to a final conclusion about whether or not allowing your child to use iPads and iPhones before they can speak is good or bad. What I can say though is that I am shocked that so many kids are using modern technology before they can speak and communicate verbally. I think that everything will change now that young children are using these technologies though. I think that psychologically and cognitively kids will process information and learn differently, which will probably call for a change in how teachers teach; the days of writing on the chalkboard will probably fade out. Another change in society will be how technology as a whole is used in everyday life. We ourselves recognize that technology is overtaking our lives and changing the way we communicate, but since we are aware of these changes, we still have the power to turn off our cell phones. I fear that these kids of the future generation won’t realize how much technology affects our lives. They will just assume that it is a normal and integral part of their lives–turning the cell phone or iPad off will no longer be an option. Lastly, the article emphasizes that using technology at such a young age needs to be monitored closely. It should be used sparingly and if used at all, it should be for educational purposes. I agree with this fact, but I doubt that if parents find that an iPad or smartphone keeps their child from crying or bothering them, technology use will not be closely monitored and will just be used to pacify their child. Maybe I’m just looking too closely into what this study reveals, what does everyone else think?

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2 thoughts on “Apparently iPads and Diapers Do Mix…

  1. jscillitani

    I also agree with what you said at the end of your post – about how using technology at such a young age needs to be monitored closely. However, in response to the question you posed, I do think that parents will give young children their devices just to keep them quite/happy. I have seen this happen a few times in fact. I have watched a parent give their whiney kid their iPhone in church so that the child would remain quiet. I have also watched parents give their children their phones while grocery shopping, or shopping for something that the kids clearly have no interest in whatsoever. It is scary and hard to believe, but I have definitely witnessed this happen.

  2. rebeccalee0927

    It is quite frightening how much technology is affecting younger generations today. I remember the first time I got my phone, which was fourth grade, and it was only a flip phone without a camera, and I was so mesmerized by it. I feel like parents just give phones to children so that they dont have to bother with playing with them or giving them attention. Now with these little children with technology, I feel like they will be a lot more smarter than our generation. They will be filled with new ideas.


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