the differences in technology

I know how to use a Mac! For some of you, this is probably something you have figured out a long time ago. But for someone who has owned a PC all her life, Macs are uncharted territory. You should have seen me trying to figure out my iPhone after i first got it (my last phone was an Android-enough said). My roommate had a Mac Book all the way up until the end of the summer when it committed suicide (she is now a Windows owner, woot woot!). So when we HAD to use iMovie to do the video project, I got nervous. I can barely function in a Mac lab on campus, let alone figure out software on it.


What I was tempted to do while using my roommate’s laptop. And no, I am not the reason why it decided to commit suicide.














But I have to say, it was not as hard as i thought it would be. They do their best to make it easy for someone who does not know how to operate on Mac OS to do things (although the main thing that confused me was the fact that the keyboard has both command and control). I noticed this when my mom got her new phone (an iPhone). She figured out a lot of things without even having to ask myself or my sisters for help. And that’s the differences in technology: some are easier than others. It is easier for someone to go from Windows to Mac than the other way around. My boss can barely function on his work computer (a PC) sometimes.

This is usually what he look like when he can’t find the Command key.

And as amusing as this is, companies should realize that not everything is going to be user friendly to everyone. Making it easy to navigate is a huge booster when it comes to recommending something to someone. It’s like the differences between Android, Apple, and Windows phones: owners of each will always recommend it to others, but none can say that it was easy to use at first. Having that familiarity build is what keeps people with their products. But I guess that’s what makes each company different is what they bring to the table.


4 thoughts on “the differences in technology

  1. joellerae

    As a fellow frequent PC user, I found that your post brought up a lot of good points. If you are used to using a PC and Windows computer for all of your life, using a Mac can be pretty intimidating. When it comes to using Mac’s for class projects, it becomes important to know or figure out how to use a Mac in order to get a good grade. in that sense, I agree with you in the fact that people should make Mac’s and other systems more user friendly.

  2. juliamoore3

    The summer before freshmen year I was gifted my first apple product. For weeks my computer sat in the box because I was intimidated by all the fancy new capabilities I did not know how to use. Eventually, I decided it was time to face my apple phobia and start up the computer. Thankfully, I had my younger sister to help me with the setup. She was an experienced macbook user and has always been fascinated by technology. To my surprise I caught on pretty quickly. I only desired to learn basic tasks (word, itunes, internet) and avoided the other unfamiliar programs. When our professor assigned the video essay project I immediately worried that my technological incompetence would make my grade suffer. I no longer had my sister to do my.. I mean “help me” with my media projects. With the help of our professor, my partner, and the internet, we were able to produce a fairly impressive video essay. I didn’t need awesome, crazy computer skills to do well on this projects, I just needed patience.

  3. kristinalisa08

    I have had a PC for my whole life until this year. Let me tell you, it was not easy getting used to my mac. I totally understand what your saying. Thank goodness i switched though because my mac is my life!

  4. laurenreesebenson

    I have to disagree with you when you say that apple, android, and windows are all “not easy” to use at first. Maybe its because I owned a mac before I owned an iPhone, but my iPhone was probably the easiest and simple made peice of technology that I’ve ever used. (Besides flip phones of course). I feel like apple does everything in its power to make things as simple as possible. Androids on the other hand are like rubix cubes in my opinion. Every which way i turn, slide, and press this phone is wrong and i can NEVER figure it out. I think with our generation’s knowledge and ability to adapt so well to technology, that using ANY sort of electronic device should be easy and simple, yet for some reason androids are always so confusing to me…


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