Who Really Owns Your Photos

I’ve always known that the second you upload a photo to the internet/social media, that its out of your control if that photo goes viral. Although I think its wrong that you wont get credit for a photo that is used on a news report, or (hypothetically) a billboard, that most likely wouldn’t happen, and if it does happen to you… why not just enjoy it? If a photo I put onto the internet was used in an article that was spread around the internet and television i’d be flattered. I wouldn’t be angry because i’m not getting money or fame for that photo. Unless I was a professional photographer where it was my JOB to get recognition and money for my photos, then it would be wrong. But right now.. i’m content with whatever I upload to the internet, and if it goes viral… so be it. I wont be offended or angry. I’d simply be pleased that my photo was cool enough to be spread to multiple sources of media!

What do you guys think? Would you want a photo that you took to be used elsewhere where it got public recognition? Would you want others to see your picture without knowing that it was you? Would you let it roll off your back and just simply enjoy the 15 minutes of unidentified fame for a photo you took?  If you uploaded a photo to your social media without intending it to be seen worldwide, would you think it was just a plus that it was able to be seen by many?

Just some food for thought.


One thought on “Who Really Owns Your Photos

  1. quinncmckay

    So the other day I googled myself under images to see what pictures came up when employers Google my name and then went back to try to make those pictures more private so that they wouldn’t show up in future searches. If there was one of my pictures used that wasn’t with my concert and taken from my social media page I would be angry because what if it was used in certain content or gave you a negative view that others now could see and associate with that image of you. It’s not even that I would want the photo credit and my name attached to that photo, but rather I might not want it used at all. I think we should have full control and control over how our pictures are used.


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