When will the updates stop?

So I recently got an iphone 5 in June and was very happy with it until the iphone 5S came out making me feel as though my new iphone 5 was old news. Everyone around me began updating to the new phone and soon my new shiny EXPENSIVE phone was older than the original iphone. My next goal was to purchase an ipad and after waiting in line at the Apple store which is ALWAYS busy I came to find out that there was a new ipad in line to be released and would only make my recent purchase outdated again. So here is the question, will there ever be an end to the updates? Will we ever get too advanced that there is nothing more we can do to make out fancy phones fancier or is this just a reoccurring pattern that has to become a part our lives?



All I can say is I for one will be out buying the new Ipad Air, because I can’t help but succumb to the need for the newest technology.

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2 thoughts on “When will the updates stop?

  1. joellerae

    I feel like the updates and constant creations of new phones will never stop. We are always looking for new and better and along with that, we always want to be the first to get it. For as long as these producers create new updates, we will continue to consume them and use them. In the end, it is a system that feeds off each other and it will never end.

  2. juliamoore3

    I understand the desire to have the newest, coolest product, but I still do not understand why people find the need to wait hours on hours, and in some cases even “camp out”, to be the first ones to get a new phone. The only reason this can be somewhat logical is if the product is already on backorder. The next iPhone is usually released before most people’s contracts have expired from the last phone. I am curious of how many people buy the new phone at full price just because they want the new product. Apple has pretty much exhausted the routine of making every original product into a smaller, thinner, “better” version of itself. It’s time Apple comes out with something new, and I don’t mean an iPad extra mini, but a whole new system.


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