Updating a Social Network…from another Social Network?

Okay, so is it just me or has Facebook become a broadcast center for all other social networks people use? All I see when I go thru my feed are photos from Instagram, tweets from Twitter, requests from Candy Crush, pinned posts from Pinterest, and so on. Now I, being a member of only Facebook and Instagram, find this very annoying. If I don’t have a Twitter, it is so that I do not have to suffer the thought of having to hear your every thought. Now by posting ALL of your tweets/photos/repins/requests/accomplishments/etc.  to Facebook, you have defeated the purpose of me being your friend on Facebook, where occasional posts are okay, to being your Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Candy Crush follower, which results in you being unfriended. I cannot count the amount of people I had to unfriend or restrict to my timeline for this reason. What bothers me the most? Each social network serves ITS OWN purpose. Combining them is killing the goals of all sites involved. Facebook is for telling stories and life events. Instagram is for sharing pictures of whatever you want. Twitter is for quick and constant thoughts. I am going to assume Pinterest is for finding things that you like? ( I do not know what it is actually, so please do not quote me on that). But if they were all meant to be together, wouldn’t there be some magical super cracked out website that did that? I’, sure there would be. It makes me wonder about how much of other parts of media are intersecting that shouldn’t be. Like tv and computers/tablets maybe? Or even books and technology in any form? Does mixing two different things devalue both of them? I cannot answer this for every instance under the sun, but for Social Media, yes.


3 thoughts on “Updating a Social Network…from another Social Network?

  1. GabbyG

    While I totally agree that facebook and twitter are all separate entities and should be treated that way I think that there’s a difference when it comes to instagram. In my case, and in many other peoples, I post instagram pictures on facebook because a lot of family that I know would enjoy the picture for the sole purpose that they don’t also have an instagram. Because there are so many different types of social media and because people don’t tend to be on all of them, it becomes kind of necessary to “double post” just to make sure you get whatever you wanted out to everyone who wanted it.

  2. kristinalisa08

    This is interesting and i notice this all of time. I go on my Facebook and he sees liked posts from instagram and twitter and I get confused. But in a way, this is why Facebook hasn’t died. As much as we say its boring, we still find ourselves on it. I think its a good thing that when signed on to Facebook we can still see a little bit of other social networks. I think they all work together really well.

  3. miguelalex888

    I don’t really see this as a big deal. Why keep them separate? Sometimes a tweet makes a good facebook status, and sometimes and instagram pic makes a good facebook cover photo.
    Why limit it?
    I don’t see anything sacred about the sites, so I’m not worried about losing any “purity” or “value”.
    But that’s just me.
    Maybe I just really like the feature where they put all your facebook contacts in a list and you choose which ones to add on twitter/instagram, etc.


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