Post cats.

This is my procrastination cat. I look at it when I need to procrastinate something important. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m thinking of “George”. Or “Procrastination Cat”

I thought I could deal with my voice in the video project, but man was that a disaster. (Tone-deaf, accent, can’t pronounce every other word, check, check, and check!)

And now? An entire project where all I can use is my voice? Oh god, I’d probably have an easier time just using sound bites of walruses being strangled.

That said, I’m glad there are others in the class that are equally bothered by the podcast thing (Not because I enjoy your misery, but because it means we can be miserable together).

So I guess it’s time for the vocally challenged to just soldier on through this one.

I had no idea what I’ll do mine about, but right now, looking at the picture of that cat there, I am tempted to do something about college-level procrastination, maybe interview some people or something.

Plus, I’ll get to make SO MANY jokes about procrastinating my procrastination project. My friends are gonna hate me after this one…

PS. You have to admit that cat is notably cute.


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