iPad vs. Print

Lately, I have been coming across many digital magazines and newspapers. It is no surprise that this is occurring since iPads and Samsung Notes have been invented. However, am I the only one who prefers reading a physical copy of something? For some reason, it just feels better to hold something or have it physically in front of you. It kind of defeats the purpose. I wonder if everything at some point will be turned into a digital form and print news and magazines will stop. Personally, I love going into Barnes & Nobles and seeing books on end and hundreds of magazines that I’ll probably never read (unless they’re fashion, music, lifestyle and food related). I am looking for the experience. I guess it’s different for people who have to commute a long way to work and back and want something easily accessible. That makes sense to me and I am all for it.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer reading newspapers and magazines from an iPad or having the physical copy in front of you?


4 thoughts on “iPad vs. Print

  1. GabbyG

    I am 100% with you. While the ease and connivence of reading something on an iPad or similar tablet, you just can’t beat the physicality of holding a piece of material in your hands, getting a whiff of that new book smell, and just all the other goodies of traditional reading. That being said, I do find myself reading pdfs for class and such on my iPad simply because of the fact that I don’t have to print anything out nor do I have to remember to bring it with me,

  2. maryellencags

    Personally, reading on a screen gives me a headache and makes it difficult for me to focus. While the convenience of ebooks and magazines is pretty cool, it’s not my preference. Viva la print!

  3. miguelalex888

    For some weird reason (probably that for the past two years I’ve been reading almost exclusively digital, thank you free ebook versions!), I developed the opposite problem.
    I get teary-eyed, like really, really teary-eyed…when trying to read physical books.
    If it’s something like a hand-out or short reading/poetry I have no problem, but any kind of novel or anything with small print, just makes my eyes start watering after a while.
    That really upset me.

    (At least the last batch of physical books I bought looks really nice on display)

  4. juliamoore3

    You are not alone, I also prefer the printed copies of everything. I am “that girl” who prints out a 200 page PDF file every week to avoid reading off my computer. I am almost out of the $30 of printing money on my RU express! More and more teachers are making their assignments digital, and that’s more and more stuff I am still going to print out. I can’t stand it when students bring just an ipad to class, like no backpack, literally just an ipad. If that ipad gets stolen all of their notes, documents and textbooks go with it (unless all the info is saved on iCloud). I think using an ipad for class is making note taking more complicated than it has to be. I don’t want “an app for that”, I just want a pen and a notebook.


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