iMovie Video Project

So i’ve been working on my iMovie video project for the past week or so. After doing interviews and research for my topic of Social Media and The Portrayal of The-Self, its evident that not everybody accurately portrays themselves on social media. The reasons for this vary from wanting to impress people like bosses, parents, relatives, co-workers etc., or trying to seem “cooler” or “more scandalous” then you really are.

Its pretty interesting that most people agreed that social medias are used all used for different motives and that people portray themselves differently for various reasons. When starting this project, we assumed that people were all going to say mostly the same things and have one collective opinion on social medias, but that wasn’t the case.

It really proved that social media is a platform for SO many reasons, which makes me believe that that is the reason why their so popular!

I hope everyone enjoys our iMovie and gets something interesting out of the footage!


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