Crime Alert: RUPD is investigating a report of buttocks touching in Scott Hall

Yeah… we have all received this email and continue to get updates every time a non-consented buttocks touching occurs on campus. [If you were a victim of such crime, this post may be offensive and I apologize in advance]It is good to have a news alert system, but really, I don’t need to know about every minor crime that occurs in New Brunswick. I most likely don’t have any information about the “six foot black male wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt.” The excessive amount of crime updates, Sakai post confirmations, and other unrelated messages, from the school make me avoid logging into scarlet mail. Amongst dozens of unread frivolous e-mails it’s hard to decipher what messages are actually important. I can assume that some others, like me, have also stopped reading the crime reports. What’s the point of having an alert system if no one pays attention to it? I wish there was an option to select “Only alert me for legit crimes.” But there is not. Rutgers uses scarlet mail to keep students informed, but there is a such thing as too much information. My iPhone is constantly prompting me to check my 45 unread e-mails, view my 10 missed calls, update 4 of my apps and manage my storage. Well guess what iPhone, that’s not gonna happen so f***ing relax! The overflow of information has caused me to avoid addressing any of these alerts.

An article on text2cloud criticizes the Rutgers Emergency Alert System in regards to its inefficiency of alerting students about all potential dangers and in a timely manor. But honestly, the last thing we need is more alerts. Instead, the Rutgers Emergency Alert System should implement a more effective ways of informing students. Perhaps a call of a prerecorded audio message (but only for the “legit crimes”). If my life is actually in danger, I would like to know right away, not when I eventually maybe check my e-mail, and may or may not even see the message. Rutgers Emergency Alert System, please tell me when there is actually a real problem, but for now, I will continue to attend my classes in Scott Hall, despite the alleged buttocks toucher. 


3 thoughts on “Crime Alert: RUPD is investigating a report of buttocks touching in Scott Hall

  1. maryellencags

    I think these thoughts every time I check my university email. They are essentially crying wolf by alerting us of every insignificant little indiscretion, so they shouldn’t be surprised when actual crises are paid no attention to.

  2. miguelalex888

    Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your buttocks, cause they touching everyone out here….

    In all seriousness though, completely agree. I stopped reading the crime alerts completely, I am figuring that when something big and important does happen, it will find itself on twitter or something.
    I’m sure the alert system can be a really great thing and an useful tool, it just needs to be used properly.
    And it is currently not.

  3. mjpwoodruff

    We were talking about something similar in a different class of mine the other day. One student brought up that he doesn’t really follow the news – that includes watching, reading the newspaper, or anything else that involves current events. He says that if it isn’t really pertinent to his day-to-day life, he doesn’t find much interest in it. Some people were shocked and indignant, obviously, but he made some of the similar points you were making: if his life is seriously in danger, than he’ll know about it one way or another. But for minor crimes and natural disasters occurring across the nation and the world, he doesn’t find it that relevant and doesn’t seek that information out. An abundance of things that don’t affect him (as far as he can ascertain) don’t need to clog up his life. I don’t really mind having the alert system though, because the emails may not have affected my life so far, but that doesn’t mean they won’t bring some serious information in the future.


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