Best Halloween Costume

This video went viral in about two days and it is one of the best Halloween costumes I have ever seen i think the internet is such a great way for us to connect to people we would have never hear of or seen. I am no expecting to see many more LED stick figure Halloween Costumes than I originally thought I would have. I think YouTube Videos that go viral are one of the most exciting parts of YouTube and is something that defines are generation, we all secretly want to be YouTube sensations.

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This Blog is not about solely the struggle of being a single college student, but about the in depth exploration of the single life and its advantages as well as disadvantages. My blog's goal is to alter people's perception of the single life as well as celebrate the hilarity of single girl's sturggles everywhere.

One thought on “Best Halloween Costume

  1. eduvert1

    Aw she’s so cute! Not only is the costume awesome, but it also helps to find her if she happens to stray away. I mean, she glows! So cool.


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