Anxiety About Podcast Assignment

Apart for absolutely hating the way my voice sounds when recorded, this podcast assignment is giving me some serious anxiety. After listening to “slow” I immediately understood the need for layering and dynamism within a podcast in order to make it interesting and captivate my audience. Except I don’t know what to talk about. Should I talk about something that I’m interested in and hope and pray that someone else is too? Or should I focus more on my audience and what they might like to hear. Right now I’m viewing this podcast as a public speech, just not delivered in person. I’ve learned that when you give a speech, you should recognize your audience, your relationship with your audience, the uniqueness of the audience, what the audience already knows, and how they might react. Seeing as this class brings together an eclectic group of people, I feel that my audience analysis is all over the place, and picking one topic that everyone will enjoy is a huge challenge. Right now I’m leaning towards talking about something that I enjoy, or want to talk about and make the podcast so incredibly interesting that even if my listeners weren’t interested in my topic initially, by the end of my podcast they’ll want to know more. Not sure if this is the right approach, or a logical one, but I feel as though I’ll enjoy the project more and be more creative if it’s about something I enjoy and know a lot about.

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About alistever

I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers University looking to major in marketing. I'm on the field hockey team and spend a majority of my free time (when I'm not on the field or in the classroom) hanging out with my teammates. I love to online shop or more specifically browse and Pinterest is one of my favorite websites to visit.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety About Podcast Assignment

  1. Sarah Jaihe Lee

    Gah. I feel the same exact way. When I listened back to my recording, I was like “Do I really sound like that?” I think the podcast project will be a lot more fun because we can talk about what we enjoy and it’ll be more personal. I think you’re going about it the right way.

  2. GabbyG

    I’m really digging your line “I’m viewing this podcast as a public speech, just not delivered in person”. I hadn’t thought of the project that way but it really does make more sense to think of it in terms of a public speech. So, thanks for that!


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