Who Really Owns Your Photos in Social Media

Part of this week’s assigned reading material included an article titled “Who Really Owns Your Photos in Social Media”, and I found this article to be very enlightening. One never really considers the consequences of uploading a cliche Instagram post like a sunset or flowers, but what if one day you saw one of your particularly good posts published on a news site? What if someone had taken credit for a picture that you had created?

We never really read the Terms of Service that we agree to, so what are we even agreeing to? Our own creativity, art, images, and thoughts could potentially be stolen and republished, earning someone else credit or potentially fame. There are so many different websites that it is not only possible, but probable that the average user would never realize that their information was stolen. I am now rethinking what images I will be posting onto which social media sites before clicking ‘Publish’.


One thought on “Who Really Owns Your Photos in Social Media

  1. kristinalisa08

    I thought this article was so interesting! We don’t realize the importance of reading terms and conditions and its actually really sad that this guy got sued. Although the pictures were graphic, he didn’t mean any harm.


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