Social media usage

Last weekend, I was talking to my parents about how Facebook, twitter and other applications I use would somewhat distract me from doing work. However, while talking the subject moved to their usage of social media as well. My parents were never into technology, they had flip phones for as long as I can remember and just recently in July they got their first smart phone. It is like a whole different experience to them. Their smart phone is no longer about calling someone but it became easier to text messages, video chat, check Facebook, news and much more.

However, they told me it does not affect them as much as it does to me. I wondered what is so different between us. We use the same social media, the same phone and what I have, they have…well almost. So I went online and did some research on how much social media differ from our generation and older generations. I found this study by Pew Research Center Studies. Teen use social media about 81% and adults about 72%. Yet, it differ between the social media used. For example, teens use Facebook and twitter more then adults. While adults use, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram more than teens. I found this very interesting because we would think that teens dominates every social media, however that is not the case adults use social media in a different ways then teens. In addition, as we grow older, our social media usage also lessens. But with our generation that grew up in the technological age, would our social media usage also change as we grow up?


2 thoughts on “Social media usage

  1. eduvert1

    My mom was the same way! We literally had to pry her away from her little slide QWERTY keyboard phone (that she didn’t even know how to use) to get her to use the iPhone we got her. Now I get FaceTime calls and texts from her all the time. She even uses emojis! And it was so interesting to watch her figure out the phone, since shes never owned a touch screen anything. She does not have any social media accounts, however she has found some apps that she seems to be enjoying 🙂

  2. jscillitani

    My parents are similar also! It took them a while to upgrade to iphones and actually use them, but once they did, they slowly became more interested in texting and using the features of the iphone. I think it is very funny because most of my friends do not use the Siri function on their iphones, however my parents are so into it and would recommend it to anyone. This kind of goes along with what you were saying about how adults just tend to use technology/social media differently than from the teens and youth of today.


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