Response to “text2cloud”

I had a very hard time following what text2cloud was saying in the “about” page of it.  I am unsure if this is due to a lack of sleep, complete disinterest, or just that it is simply over my head.  I understand that this deals with writing and started off as a research project, however I am unsure of the point of it or why it is appealing to people.

I am not sitting here and calling text2cloud unappealing, so please don’t take it that way.  I am simply trying to understand it better and understand why people would be interested in it- hell maybe once I understand it better, even I will become very interested in it.

I looked around a bit on the text2cloud site and I found the page about privacy, called “The End of Privacy” to be of most interested to me.   I enjoyed reading what had to be said here.  I am just not sure if the text2cloud name me ands anything significant and is something that I should be considering as I read throughout the website.

Side note: is anyone having problems with wordpress?  When I type my posts/responses the words come up on the screen in a very delayed fashion.  It is so hard to type and write out a post when it keeps doing this because I cannot see if I m spelling correctly or not.  Then I need to wait for my computer to show the words and backspace to fix the errors, which is also taking a ridiculously long time.  I do not know if this is a wordpress issue or an issue with my one computer but I have never had this happen before when using wordpress so I do not know what would cause it to happen now.  Could it possible be because of all the things we have been downloading for class?  Other websites having been acting this way though, as of now, it just seems to be

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My name is Jenna. I am a student at Rutgers University. My major is Public Health, and I am in a BS/MPH Program for a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences. In my free time, I really enjoy working on DIY (Do-it Yourself) projects and crafting.

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