I am very interested to listened to our classmates podcasts.  I am still undecided on the topic that I would like to create my podcast on but I am looking forward to dong something a little bit different than we have been doing for the past few weeks.  I feel that I will be better at working with the podcast/audacity than I am with the video essay/imovie.  I get frustrated when working wit iMovie because I do not have the patience to work with things that I am unfamiliar with.  However, as I have taught myself some things and become more comfortable with working in iMovie, I have gained confidence in my technology skills.  I am looking forward to working with the podcast and audacity and I honestly never thought I would say that!

I have listend to a few podcasts, just to get an idea of what they are all about, and I am actually very interested in them.  I have never listened to a podcast before, and I am so glad that this assignment got me to do that, because I really enjoy podcasts now.  Not that I have listened to millions of podcasts or anything, but I have listened to a few and I plan to continue listening to more.

Podcasts seem to be becoming more and more popular amongst individuals today. People use them for business, for personal reasons, for entertainment, etc.  It is interesting to see the trends in technology and how some things become so popular for periods of time and then slowly fade away.  I am unsure about how long I think the trends of people being interested in podcasts will lasts.  I do not know if enough people like them enough to keep the trend lasting. I could see podcasts trending the same way that AIM did.  I could see them becoming very popular for a period of time and then slowly fading away as they either become replaced with something different or as people become less interested in them.  I am just thinking out loud here, and seem to be rambling on so to get back on track:  overall, I am excited to start the podcast projects and to see what other people base their podcasts on!

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My name is Jenna. I am a student at Rutgers University. My major is Public Health, and I am in a BS/MPH Program for a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences. In my free time, I really enjoy working on DIY (Do-it Yourself) projects and crafting.

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