I am feeling a bit weird about this podcast thing, I don’t like my voice, and knowing that this is all that this project will be makes me nervous. For some people, speaking in public and things of that nature come naturally. I can barely answer a question during lectures without feeling immense anxiety from the amount of people listening to what I say (and it does not help that most of them are also watching me while I speak). With the video project it was easy for me to avoid this by simply not inserting my own audio into it. And the video project is the kind of thing that can survive on its own without any voice over needed. With this, that’s the ONLY option I have. And thinking of a topic that I want to spend time talking about is also a challenge since I have no idea. I am sure that a topic will come to me eventually, but until then, I (and my voice) will be hiding under my blanket watching Scandal.  


2 thoughts on “Podcast.

  1. kristinalisa08

    I am sure you will be fine! If you are that nervous however, you should think about getting really creative on Audacity and using awesome sound effects to get your point across. I would think of this as a positive thing because I’m sure your podcast will sound great!


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