Matthew Cordle – Youtube Confession

So, as I’m sure you all remember from back in the first (maybe second, I cant remember) class, is the youtube confession of Matthew Cordle.  I opened the internet today, and my homepage happens to be  One of the main stories was titled, “Driver who confessed to DUI killing in YouTube video gets 6 years, 6 months in jail “.  I clicked the article and decided to read more because I was rather curios back when I first heard about it and I still find it interesting.

After reading about Mattew Cordle’s sentencing and doing a little research I found that the approximate Jail/Prison sentences possible in traffic crash deaths caused by a drunk driver for the state of Ohio are 1 to 15 years.  I am not sure whether I feel that Matthew Cordle’s punishment is “enough”, but I do think that the punishment of having to live with his own guilt is one that will last a lifetime.  Not only will Cordle live with the guilt and suffering from what he did, he will also never be able to drive again, according to his sentencing.

I know that we talked a lot about this already, and I do not mean to bring up the same topics and talk about what we have already spoken about, however I am very interested if anybody’s opinions about Cordle’s motives have changed, now that he has been sentenced.  Does anybody feel that the youtube confession got him a lesser sentencing than he could have gotten without having that confession?

I hope if one thing does come out of this case, it is that people all around the world see the video and think about the words Cordle used, “It should have been me who died”, before they get in a car drunk, or even with a drunk driver.  I hope that this video and entire case can be taken and used to teach others the outcomes.  I sure hope that the video had no affect on his sentencing, so that people do not think they can get out of things by creating confessional videos, regardless of whether they mean it.  It makes me sick to think this way, and to acknowledge that sadly some people would do that, but I just hope a lot of people will learn from this, if anything at all.

One last thing I do have to say about Cordle, is that I do not think he should be given any credit, attention, or fame for the confessional video that he clearly took the time to have professionally made.  I think that if the video is somehow used for an educational purpose, his name should be removed entirely, and he shall get now credit, because that is absolutely not what it is about.

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One thought on “Matthew Cordle – Youtube Confession

  1. laurenreesebenson

    I’m not sure if the YouTube video got him a lesser sentencing. But I do think it was appropriate for him to make a video about what he had done. It gave him the oppertunity to truly apologize for his actions and hopefully stop others from doing the same thing. As you mentioned, the lifetime of guilt is something he has to live with, and im not saying he shouldn’t feel guilty but I think its nice that hes able to somewhat clear his conscious and be able to live with himself because it was an accident, and he truly didnt mean to kill anyone. His mistake was getting behind a wheel drunk and thats the worst thing someone can possibly do. I’m sure he made the video to help others not make such a dumb mistake.


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