Last Days Chapter 6

Ron was an animal; or, rather, “Veronica” was, as she’d force me to call her between gasps or moans. She was a ginger and stood nearly seven feet tall. She was built like a man but with awesome tits. I would bury my face in these as she pummeled me that night. In the morning I was exhausted, but not tired.

“Thanks, again…” I said as I slumped back into the seat. I could feel every bump that passed under the SUV.

“As much as I’d love to do this some more, I need you to stay out of trouble next time, Lin.” She wasn’t even short of breath as she looked over at me.

“I will try.”

I was sad when she hid her beautiful breasts under the body armor, again, but I began to put mine back on too.

“Alright, girls, you know the rules. Toys back in the center console. Just, uh, wipe that one off before you put it back, Ron. That goes for you too, Ruth. I need to be able to concentrate now, anyway.” I watched Ruth zip up Steph’s pants as Steph drove, “Take it out, Ruth.”

“Aww…” Ruth’s hands disappeared into Steph’s pants again before revealing a long, transparent dildo. She put it in her mouth and we all watched as she pushed the entire thing past her lips.

“Show off.”

Ruth smiled, but immediately gagged on the large plastic dick. She pulled it out as she coughed and the Steph laughed at her, “I think you deserved that.”

After everyone was dressed again, Steph turned to me, “We’re getting off the highway soon. I need you up on the gun again. Ruth can take over in a little while.”

I climbed up into the metal cage and felt the cold steel of the bars through my clothes. It was early and chilly, but the sun was rising between the skyscrapers in front of us. I looked to one building in particular. It stood deep inside the city and taller than any of the buildings around it. A few streaks of sunlight revealed the all glass façade of its south facing side.

“Are we heading straight to HQ?”






“Hey, we really need to pick up gas sometime.”

“Will we make it?”

Steph tapped the dial on the dashboard. “I dunno, we might not. Watch for any cars we haven’t already hit up.”

“Alright, well let’s catch up to the others and let them know. They’re probably getting light too.” I had swapped places with Ruth a little while ago and I was sitting up front. Every car we passed had the big x across it that meant we’d already siphoned it. As we caught up to the other three SUV’s in turn, I would point to our dashboard. The first two we passed gave me a thumbs up and let us go ahead of them. The last one pointed to their own dashboard as well. “We’re not alone, let’s turn down a new road to look for some fresh cars.”

“Alright. Ruth, eyes open honey, okay?”

“Yes Stephy!” Ruth started spinning the turret around and around again.

“Ruth, calm down. You can’t see anything like that.”


We drove for another few minutes before I saw a large avenue intersecting with our road. “Let’s turn right here.”

“Okay.” Steph switched on her right turn signal and we slowed down to examine the road.

This one hadn’t been emptied like the highway we were on so I couldn’t see very far down it. I still saw x’s on the closest cars to us, though. “Be careful, this is no man’s land.”

“It’s still afternoon, we should be okay.”

The SUV maneuvered through the stock still traffic; the large steel plow welded to the front helped it widen gaps between cars that we would have usually gotten stuck in. I heard the gun above us spinning up and a few bullets would fly out of it at intervals, smashing through car windows at zombies within.

“We’re moving too loudly.” Steph stopped the vehicle and looked around. We could see zombies in the windows of surrounding buildings, but the street was wide and the sun was still high and bright above us. She opened the door and stepped out. “Pack light,” she said as she grabbed a pistol from the door compartment, before shutting it behind her.

“Are you alright up there, Ruth?” Ron was already leaving the vehicle, her own pistol in hand. I began to pull open my door while looking up at the tall, slender girl.

“Yeah, I’m good.” She was swiveling around again. I wasn’t actually sure how much she could see while doing that, but I followed the other two out. There was another pistol waiting in my door compartment. I took it and closed the door slowly. The other two had already retrieved Gerry cans and siphons from the back of the SUV. The other three vehicles stopped nearby and I heard car doors opening and closing as they came out to join us.

Soon twelve of us were wandering through the army of abandoned cars. Each group had left a gunner behind, but I didn’t feel as safe knowing this as we moved farther and farther from the convoy. There had been a few vehicles close by that Ron and a couple girls from another car were emptying but the rest of us pushed on down the road. We had all agreed to collect as much fuel as we could before night fall. As we moved, there was an occasional crack as a gun was fired into an occupied vehicle.

The farther we got the more unmarked cars we found and we started to split off to empty them.

I picked four cars and worked on them while I looked around. There was one girl who had already emptied a car and was moving around another to get at its passenger side fuel cap. The car was parked on the curb and I watched her check a doorway as she walked by a large office building. After looking in for a moment, she began siphoning from that car. I finished with mine and moved to another one.

There was a scream.

We all looked around for the source but we could see nothing. The buildings around us were becoming louder as zombies inside moaned and pressed against windows. We all stopped and drew our weapons, watching open doorways near us and listening… There was another scream, this time more desperate and pained.

“Abby!” I heard over the now wailing zombies in the buildings along the street. The girl I’d been watching before was gone. A couple other girls were standing in the doorway behind where she had been with their guns pointed into the darkness. There was a streak of blood on the frame of the doorway and on top of the white car she had been siphoning.

A window smashed somewhere nearby. I didn’t look. “We need to get going!” My car was empty now and I grabbed my siphon and Gerry can and ran towards the group that was forming nearby. There were more sounds of breaking glass and I saw arms reaching through windows at us. One of the girls in the bloody doorway pulled the other away and handed her Abby’s Gerry can and siphon, along with her own.

I felt a rain drop land on my forehead, “Shit!” Gerry cans were shoved into arms as half the group drew their guns and pushed us towards the convoy. I was holding someone else’s Gerry can and siphon under the same arm that held mine. I realized too late that my gun was in the wrong hand. There was nothing I could do so I moved with the group down the road. There were more gunshots as a massive shadow moved over us and it began to pour.

I heard the chain guns start to spin and a couple of the SUV’s revved their engines. I knew Ron would be coming.

A screeching of metal verified these thoughts as I saw the lead SUV plowing towards us. The first stream came from Ruth’s gun, but it was short. Maybe five rounds tore through the body of a zombie we hadn’t seen on our left flank. More small bursts of lead flew around us as she targeted and destroyed zombies all along the street. Ron reached our group with the SUV, and we all packed our equipment in the back. Steph and I jumped in the back seat as the rest of the group ran to their vehicles. Another SUV had followed Ron and two of the group jumped into it. Over the gunfire above my head I heard a crash. A door had been thrown into the street and dozens of zombies poured out from it. These zombies cut off the rest of the group from the convoy. The girls turned back and ran to our SUV’s. I felt our vehicle shudder as Ruth threw her small body into jolting the turret around.

Two girls made it into the other SUV just before the mob reached them. Ruth had no choice but to ignore the zombies beating at the side of the other vehicle. I heard gunshots and saw flashes from within the SUV, but I turned my attention to the three girls running towards us. Ruth did her best to stop the zombies chasing them, but they were too close and there were too many obstacles.

I threw the door open and leaned out to take a couple shots at the approaching mass just as the first girl arrived. I pulled myself back in as she entered and turned to look for the other two. One was two steps away and I made sure there was enough room for her to enter, and the other was a step behind her.

Ruth had no longer been watching the way we’d come: A body collided with the last girl’s and she fell to the ground. They writhed together for a moment while I raised my pistol. My finger gripped the trigger just as teeth met the girl’s neck.

I only needed one bullet. It ripped into the zombie’s brain and tore the creature off of her. As it jerked away I saw the flesh tear from her throat as muscle and sinew was exposed. She felt the hole in her neck as she sat up and then she looked at me. I was still holding the door open for her. Streaked tears ran down her cheeks from whatever she’d seen through the open doorway just moments before. I could hear her yelling Abby’s name again in my head.

Shapes were surging around our vehicle from the other side of the street and I pulled the door closed.

She looked up at them too. As they rounded the vehicle, she raised her gun to her temple. “I’m coming, Abby!”

The bullet flew over our hood, but I didn’t see it. I watched as the beasts descended on her. Her body had not even hit the ground before they were all over it, tearing off bleeding chunks. I watched her breast, arm, crotch, leg, and throat torn apart in that order.

Steph grabbed me and pulled me away. The other two girls were sobbing together on the other side of the car. The closest SUV was moving away now, dragging zombies along with it.

“Ron, we’re leaving.”


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