Who really owns your photo in social media?

This was a very interesting article that made me look at things in a new light. I did not know that tweeting, “tumblring”, or “pinteresting” pictures you find could cause problems and be illegal. Such as how the photographer who tweeted pictures about Haiti’s earthquake is getting sued now. I do not think this is such a big problem since he took the pictures himself and twitter is a fast, productive way to let a big audience to know about what happened. A good way to reach out to the public, especially those who do not read or watch the news at all. I have uploaded pictures on tumblr and I never meant to say that it was my picture or that I have ownership to it, but I now realize that it can cause serious problems and from now on I have to refrain from doing so. This article made me realize how scary social media can be and how one thing can be wrong. I also realize that maybe it is a good idea to read everything on the terms and services whenever I sign up for a new social media account or anything else, because this article showed why it was illegal or wrong to post a picture according to the social media’s terms and services. It is unfair that we can get in trouble for simply uploading a picture we liked onto our tumblr or pinterest to just share with our followers and friends.

It always goes back to how social media is tricky and can somehow ruin us.



^oops is that illegal too?


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