When is it going to stop?

The world knows about the Egyptian revolution, they all heard it on the news and what not. However, when people ask me “So is it over?” “Is it better?” My answer is still no. Just because the mainstream events are televised, that does not mean it got better. In my opinion, Egypt is still in square one, it never left square one in the first place for things to get better.

The Egyptian revolution started in January 25th, 2011 and everyone thought its over. However, nothing of the old regime changed so another revolution happened on June 30th, 2013. People are fighting for change but change is not going to happen in one day. It will take days and weeks and maybe years too. Perhaps even people will make an illusion in their heads that change is happening but unfortunately it is not.

In recent events,  gunmen riding motorcycles fired on a family wedding party with automatic weapons and killing four people in the process of this vicious act. Coptic Orthodox Christian are who are 10% of the country’s 80-million people are a target for most terrorist acts. Even though, the Muslim brotherhood group had been ousted from the government in July by the Egyptian military, nothing is changing and sometimes it feels like there will be no good end to this.


One thought on “When is it going to stop?

  1. rebeccalee0927

    I have read, heard, and seen pictures about the horrendous action against the Egyptian christians. It is so shocking that there are so many things still going on in Egypt and I had no idea since it is never really on the news anymore. But that is how media is. They only capture what they think is important and is going currently, but not things that have been going on for awhile. They get “tired” of airing it, but it is equally important as things that are going on currently. It is so sad that there are so many bad things that happen in this world.


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