What Media made most of the public beleive…

I remember at the beginning of the semester in class we talked about Clementi’s case and how technology was the center of this case.  The media took the tip of the story and televised that Ravi; Clementi’s roommate spread a video of Tyler and his partner having an intimate moment on the internet. However, that was not the case but the media made the public believe that was the case.

Recently, in my Women, Culture and Society class, the class talked about the case and looked at in a different view. However, what struck me the most is how the media twisted some of the truth to gain the public’s attention. My main point is how the media approached this case, and not what case main focus is about. First, Ravi did not public the video online. He was a tech genius and was able to turn on his camera using his iChat by just calling it from another computer. In this case, he used his friend’s Molly computer to call his computer which will turn on the camera but his screen will remain black. He also tweeted about what his roommate was doing, yet he did not publicize the video. However, the media said that he did and that the whole school saw that video.

Also, the police was able to access every text message, Facebook, twitter iChat. Every conversation either Clementi and Ravi was used to prove if that was a hate crime and how each of them felt during that period before Clementi committed suicide. I found it very scary and strange that once we say anything online, it is always going to be there. Even if we deleted it, it is still stored somewhere and could be accessible. I am sure all of us said something horrible once in a while while talking to our friends, and it easy to just see it if someone wanted to look close enough at our conversations. I just find this a little crazy and scary at the same time.


One thought on “What Media made most of the public beleive…

  1. laurenreesebenson

    Wow! That is scary! It’s true, that all of us at one point has said something thats pretty mean or hurtful in the privacy of a text message, but maybe we should think twice about this before posting something mean. Even though I don’t believe i’m going to have the police ever tracking what I say, I do think its nice to monitor yourself and not say things that that you wouldnt say in real face to face conversation.


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