Stealing idea from another bloggerg

I saw that one person posted a blog to ask all of you guys to help with his video project and I decided to steal his idea and ask you guys to help me as well. I hope (if you are reading this) do not get upset that I did. My partner and I are making a video about online shopping and its how it is affecting society today. These are questions that we are trying to get people to answer so that we can have it on our video. Please answer as many as you can/want!  🙂

  1. What’s your opinion of online shopping? Why?
  2. Is it more convenient for you to go to the actual store or purchase items online?
  3. By purchasing items online, do you think you’re missing out on something such as getting to look at items in person & feeling the material?
  4. Do you get more frustrated shopping online or going to the actual store? (various reasons such as not getting the right size, getting bad material, etc for online shopping. In person = can’t find anything your taste)
  5. How big of a role does technology play in online shopping, in your opinion?
  6. How have websites such as eBay and Amazon changed the way we obtain things?
  7. Why do you think online shopping has become such a big part of our world today?
  8. What do you think would happen if personal shopping were to cease to exist?
  9. Do you see that happening in the future?
  10. Do you think there are positive/negative aspects to online shopping?

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