Bad article.

A millennial is somebody who was born between 1980-2000. Perhaps, I’m a little biased because I fit into this category, but I do not think that many of us will end up in therapy. The reasons they give are also pretty bad. The second reason – that we have really High Definition TV’s does not even make any sense. That is like saying that the more sophisticated technology gets, the more likely we will end up in therapy. I have not heard/read of anything as ludicrous as that claim. The third reason – that we are over documented is also pretty stupid. I do not think that the stupid things that we did when we were still babies are going to affect our image or reputation in the real world. If anything, being over documented as a baby shows how much our parents care about us. They want to record things so that they can share memories with you and also create memories for themselves when they forget. The one point that the writer can say is that it might make us narcissistic but I think that’s also dependent on how we are raised. If the family teaches their kid good things and are good examples then the kid should grow up alright with or without their overly/under documented childhood. The third point is also pretty bad. Distractions are definitely not going to make this world a worse place. It’s up to us to adapt to the distractions, but they definitely will not make us people who are more likely to get messed up in the future. Overwhelming information is probably a good thing. We know so many things that people before did not know. This is a good way to educate people. How many times have we been distracted by interesting videos or articles? Although the information may not always necessarily be good, it is information. It is all up to the person to use that information. The list goes on about how the writer has not really thought out their thoughts. It is quite possible that we have a higher chance of going cuckoo, but I do not think that it is attributed to anything listed.


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