Last Days Chapter 5

I was woken up to bright lights from the now open door to last night’s bedroom.

“Wake up! We need to leave!” I heard their footsteps fading away as I tried to stand up. Everything seemed black, but my eyes soon recovered as I packed my things and made my way outside to the sounds of gunfire. Out in the light, my breath fogged in front of my face and I looked around at all the bodies moving around on the street. There were flashes all over the place and I could see the gun smoke rising from behind abandoned cars and from open windows.

“Chekov! On your 2 o’clock!

Everybody, get to cover!”

I was tackled to the ground and lay there for a moment.

“Come on, we need to get out of here.” I turned my head to the voice and my face was covered in sweet smelling brunette hair. She stood up and helped me to my feet but then disappeared in the same direction the first footsteps had gone.

I shook my head. The cars were that way! I thought this just as bullets cracked the door I had come out of and a body crashed into it. It released a low moan and fell to the floor.

“Captain! The R.O.D.’s lighting up! Sector 6, and there are… Fuck! It’s gone!”

I could hear screams from down the road.

“Felix is down!”

“Fall back!”

Another person ran up to me as the gunfire began to quiet down, “Come on, stupid, you heard him. Let’s go!”

My arm was nearly ripped from its socket as I was pulled along to the cars, and was pushed into the back of the closest one. The engine of the large suv surged and I realized the two of us were alone.

“Sleeping Beauty, you think you can man the turret for me? We’re short some passengers.”

“Yeah…” I said. She turned around and smacked me across the face. “Fuck, yeah, sorry, I got this.” I climbed up into our makeshift turret seat and turned to face the street and the screaming mass that was surging toward us.

I felt the gun spin and felt the chain of rounds entering the barrel just before it started slamming lead into the mob.

Gore flew all over the street as the front lines were torn apart and these entrails tripped up those behind them. I saw two of our group making their way towards us from behind the truck that had been parked next to my room. One of them was limping on the other’s shoulder so I turned my gun to blast the zombies chasing them.

“One wounded, drive over to the truck!” Having choked the gap between the building and truck with mutilated bodies, I turned my gun back to the street to stop the mob as it was passing the front of the truck. A second stream of bullets came from behind me as another car’s turret started spinning and the mob was pushed back again. I felt the car beneath me turning around, but I kept my turret firing upon the still advancing horde. The vehicle stopped suddenly and the door beneath me was thrown open as the two girls jumped in. I could hear protests as an injured leg was jostled around.

Before the door slammed shut, we were moving again, but I was already off the turret and climbing down into the back seats.

“Are you okay?” I found the medical supplies under the seat and opened the box next to her. I started pulling out bandages while the other girl tore open the pants around the wound.

“That’s pretty gruesome,” I heard her say and I looked over.

“Fuck you, I’ll be alright. I lose more blood every month than this shit.”

“What happened?” I was looking through the kit again.

“That bastard Felix must have got me, right before he went after you. I saved your ass when I brought him down.”

I pulled out a small pair of forceps and gingerly reached in to her leg to pull out the gleaming bullet I’d noticed. “Yeah, I know, I owe you.”

“You’re damn right you owe me. You and your fucking beauty sleep. You ain’t getting any tonight, though, bitch. Linnea, your ass is mine.”


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