Charts-y Pants

A theme in this class (and my Communications and Human Values class) has been deteriorating attention spans, an issue that has led to a generation who lives and breathes headlines because they are easier to digest. Well, that’s all well and good, but when you’re getting a few words on a complex topic, you aren’t effectively getting the main points of the argument. In short, there is danger in trying to simplify.

That’s why I am very pleased that people like Chart Girl exist. This is her website. It’s awesome.

We are now a people who love images, visuals, context, and knowing what is connected to what and whom is connected to whom. This is a product of the way we take in information, and probably also a need to distinguish the important and noteworthy from the cognitive surplus, as Clay Shirky so elegantly names it. When important (or entertaining) information comes together in a visually-pleasing, educational, comprehensive ways, it is a win for everyone. Chart Girl’s charts cover a variety of topics, from the various people running in the Boston mayoral race, to all of Taylor Swift’s trysts, to the various celebrities who have talked about the drug Molly, to the Westboro Baptist Church, to Sesame Street. This is the type of innovative use of our current information systems and time-spending inclinations that deserves attention. Check it out.

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My biggest dilemma throughout life has probably been figuring out what I’m most interested in out of all the things I’ve ever come across and thought was worth a second glance. I have lists on my phone for all the books I haven’t bought and want to read, all the music I’ve tagged and want to listen to, all the fleeting thoughts I’ve had that could lead to an interesting topic for further daydreaming, etc. I probably visit as often as I visit social media sites. A short list of things I’ve considered majoring in: film, poetry, neuroscience, composing, screenwriting, anthropology, biology, history, journalism, sociology, forensic science, political science. The only thing I’ve found in common with all of these things so far is that they all relate to humans, how they work, and how they interact. I love bees, morning drives into New York City, and ultimate frisbee. I also sell Girl Scout cookies, if you’re into that. - Maggie Woodruff

One thought on “Charts-y Pants

  1. stephjohnson2017

    I think that this website is really innovative and definitely a product of the new era in which we as a society gravitate towards a learning style that requires minimal effort. This attention grabbing concept attracts the audience unlike traditional information suppliers have recently been failing to do. This is the future I believe, although I am unsure if it is a good or bad thing!


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