lanier and social interactions

In addition to my last post, there were other points Jaron Lanier makes that popped out as interesting to me. One topic in particular was human interaction and connection. Since the beginning of time, humans have always craved the affection and interaction of one another. One reason why the Internet became popular so quickly is due to the fact that we are always pushing for better ways to find out what is going on around us and also so we can see what people around us are doing. In the past, the only way to connect was face-to-face interaction (coffee dates, tea dates, etc.) Now, connection online is more than possible and in a sense, much more accessible for everyone. As Lanier mentions in his novel, “people will inexorably [be] connecting to one another through computers from here on out”, he is making it clear that the Internet is our main source for interaction in today’s world. (20) With that, Lanier uses it to mention what this interaction is used for and what it SHOULD be used for. On the negative side of it, he is mainly concerned with the future of culture and how technology may affect us in ways that we may not want it to. Mainly, Lanier does not want our privacy and copyrights to become an issue in the future if we create our own sites.




The issue of privacy is definitely one to touch upon due to the fact that it is extremely hard to completely be anonymous when using an online site. Nearly everyone is concerned about their privacy and with the easy accessibility to the internet, sharing our lives via the web may not be the best way to go about it. In addition, Lanier gives a few tips to show what could be done in order to keep most of your information private. For example, he has a short list and suggests that when you create a website, “create [it so that it] expresses something about who you are that wont fit into the template available to you on a social networking site” (21). Doing this is important since it will alleviate any chance of tracing the site back to who you are. If you are trying to create a site and do not want any connection of it to other areas of your life, family, or career, this is a good tip to keep in mind.

Overall, I just decided to discuss this part of Lanier’s book due to the fact that it caught my attention. I always feel like privacy is an issue on the Internet and I am glad that Jaron mentioned it in one of the beginning pages.

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