group project pt 2

Working through more and more of our group project, I am finding out a lot about social media that I did not entirely know before. With the invention of Photoshop and the advancement of the Internet, it was obvious to me that the perception of the human body would be slightly altered. What I didn’t know though, was the extent to which this perception would change. More specifically, Photoshop itself has morphed normal or average bodies into looking completely different than they did from the start. In that sense, an unrealistic body type is being publicized and shown to consumers on the media, which is not exactly healthy.


The craziest part about images and celebrity bodies being morphed and changed via the Internet is the fact that we have accepted it as normal. Along with that, we have even used these images as goals to set and reach when striving for a better look. What we all need to realize is that most of these images are NOT real and the one’s that are, are not healthy. Just because a body looks attractive and may be seen as “perfect” to producers and Hollywood does not mean that it is a healthy body. Feeding your body with a rich and nutritional diet is far more important than looking like a supermodel.

Another thing this group project has helped me to understand and see is the impact that social networking has on people as a whole. Nowadays, we are so concerned with meeting the standards of what the media portrays as normal that we will go to extremes in order to meet those requirements. For example, when celebrities tweet or post about something in their life that they are doing, most of us get so wrapped up in it that we try our best to follow in their footsteps exactly. Personally, one of the biggest takeaways from doing this project is the realization that social media has the power to completely corrupt our minds. It is EXTREMELY important to separate what you see on the Internet from what you know in your mind is “right” and ethical.
Our morals must remain the same regardless of what Miley Cyrus or Oprah Winfrey are doing. Although these two people may be irrelevant to my post, in a way they are not due to the fact that they are portrayed a certain way and that is how the public labels them. All in all, I have learned that there is always a gray area and not everything is in black and white. Just because the media may be portraying individuals a certain way and showing what the majority sees as normal and perfect does not mean that those standards must remain for everyone. We are all different and because of that, we have the ability and the right to be perfect in our own way.

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My name is Joelle Altomare! I am currently attending Rutgers University, class of 2016, and I am a cell biology and neuroscience major. I have a twin sister and my favorite thing to do in my free time is surf. The purpose of this blog is to motivate people and show them that nothing is impossible. With determination comes greatness and if you work hard towards your goals, you will achieve them.

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