The Notebook Girls: Book Review/Reccomendation

NB girls

The everyday lives of teenage girls in high school are filled with drama, fun, confusion, troubles, love or heartbreak and many, many stories. To deal with all these factors, many of them turn to confiding in a diary. Now, what would happen if a group of close knit girls going through the transition from middle school to high school, find that their schedules conflict and then realize that they hardly see each other anymore? Well, in this case, those girls created a notebook. This notebook would travel between their four lives, recording all their secrets and help them share their stories over the course of a few high school years.

The Notebook Girls tells the graphic, but REAL personal accounts of Julia Baskin, Lindsey Newman, Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, and Courtney Toombs. The book, which was written in diary form, was extremely honest and detailed. It was very relatable, which is different from many fiction books written about the same general topic. From love to drugs, to school, to family and everything in between, this book reveals things that are most commonly swept under the rug.

Parents don’t always approve of their children reading this book because of the honest truth that these girls wrote. However, it is something that should be read by teens because these things do happen. Like when Julia discovers she is gay and explores her confusing emotions. Or Courtney’s unbelievably low self-esteem and how she discusses her frustration on the topic of societal views on women and what ‘beautiful’ is. Sophie is always having boy issues which many can relate to. And lastly Lindsey’s struggle to find out who she is and what her passion is. The Notebook Girls was written post 9-11 and the girls went to a high school in New York right by the World Trade Center. Although this book is silly and talks about many issues that may be considered vulgar and inappropriate, they also discuss serious matters like 9/11, religion, beliefs and more.

This book has strengths and weaknesses. The strength is the real factor. These are true accounts in which these girls and many alike go through in high school. It is so easily relatable. The weakness is the language. They do use profane language and discuss a lot of matters that are sometimes above the reading level of the people reading the book. Overall though, it is well written and comes packed with MANY lessons and stories girls should read. Any girl in this class who hasn’t read it should definitely take the time to do so! It is a really great book.


One thought on “The Notebook Girls: Book Review/Reccomendation

  1. eduvert1

    I love to read, and I appreciate hearing other people’s reviews on what they have read. I am genuinely interested in this book since I have never heard of it before. But it seems like an interesting read, thanks for the recommendation!


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