Slow? Not in his head.

So was no one else as shocked as I was that he could not hear his voice the way everyone else did? I mean, he really didn’t know. That’s crazy. I always freak about about the way my voice sounds. Especially when I’m sick. I kinda sound like a retired war veteran who smoked a lot (which everyone finds hilarious that I think that way). And people usually try to make me feel better by saying that I don’t sound that bad. But are they trying to make me feel less self-conscious or do they really hear something different than what I do? Because what is slightly off to them could be croaking frogs to me. And i feel like that is the same situation that Slow (I cannot remember his actual name) found himself in, except that he thought his voice was normal while everyone else heard what it really sounded like. And that has to he an intense experience for someone to have to go through that is in his shoes. If I were him and thought that at least one part of me was normal then found out it wasn’t, I would be devastated. He probably took a sense of comfort in that small slice of normalcy in this life. Now he does not have that. It’s really sad to think about..


2 thoughts on “Slow? Not in his head.

  1. joellerae

    it’s really sad to think that what you think is normal for a majority of your life turns out to be something it never was. I really liked your comparison between slow and your voice when youre sick because it gives a better idea of what Slow might have been feeling when he found out his voice wasn’t normal.

  2. kristinalisa08

    It is really upsetting that he was basically stuck in a lie. A voice believe it or not makes us just as self conscience as appearance. I could not imagine thinking one way and finding out that I was completely wrong all of this time.


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