Shirky; Institutions vs. Collaboration

Shirky is here talking about the difference between trying to get work through institutions (the traditional way) and through collaboration (the way flickr, twitter, wikipedia, etc work). I think it’s a nice little video to watch to get a small taste of what his book is talking about. Overall, though I think it’s a little dryer than some of the other TED walks, but that’s probably cause I already read the book, so I already knew what he was getting at.

One thing I really like though, is the use of graphs and charts in the presentation. I think those visuals really drive home the difference between what the results are when you try to force and coordinate people into performing a job versus just setting up a system for them to themselves choose to perform a job, and letting them take over from them.

Though I wonder what that entails for the traditional workplace structure…we are already starting to see a de-centralized workplace, can we go one step further and completely get rid of it all together? Well, maybe not for everything, of course. But things like photography, article writing, etc….those don’t need a central hub with managers and bosses and the bosses’s managers. Is the future of those professions something like a loose, all-equal team, that maybe meets via skype every once in a while?

-Miguel Flores

PS. I realized we were supposed to be doing 3 blog posts a week (for some reason I thought it was 2), so I have some catching up to do….


One thought on “Shirky; Institutions vs. Collaboration

  1. joellerae

    The video you posted was really interesting and definitely relevant to our class! it also rose my awareness to the fact that maybe a de-centralized workplace is really up and coming.


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