I really enjoyed the podcast because I felt as though it triggered a different part of my brain, I was able to focus more on the piece because I wasn’t distracted visually and had to create images of what I thought Kohn looked like in my mind. All I kept thinking is how frustrating it would be to mentally quick but physically slow, because people are always categorizing and stereotyping you by your physical attributes and not able to realize that Kohn is mentally quick and witty. I think podcasts are much more intellectually stimulating that videos because you are focusing on one sense, hearing, and giving all of your attention to that area where as videos require you to multi-task and lose focus on certain aspects. Its so interesting to think about how others hear our voices compared to how we hear ourselves, whether its out laugh, our sneeze, our breathing, everything we do is interpretated differently and heard differently by other people than how we hear ourselves. Overall it shows that we need to be more open minded in how we view/interpret other people as we as ourselves.

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This Blog is not about solely the struggle of being a single college student, but about the in depth exploration of the single life and its advantages as well as disadvantages. My blog's goal is to alter people's perception of the single life as well as celebrate the hilarity of single girl's sturggles everywhere.

One thought on “Kohn

  1. mjboyer

    It is interesting that you made the point about not being distracted by visuals. I had a conversation about talk radio with one of my housemates the other day. We both made points about how radio or a podcast allow for the audience to utilize their imagination more due to the lack of distracting visuals. When you can’t see the person talking I feel like you listen to what they’re saying more. And for some reason, their conversation seems more personal


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