While it might take me awhile to connect this back to class, I think it is very important to share this information with you. Ever wonder why when you open a box of Oreos you cannot have just one or two, BUT SEVEN, EIGHT OR NINE?  This is because Oreos are being tested in lab rats and have shown to be equivalently addictive as cocaine.

“A 2009 study by researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida found the pleasure centers in the brains of rats that were fed high-fat, high-calorie food became less responsive over time — a signal that the rats were becoming addicted”. I think that our brains have a similar response to technology, we find such pleasure in being technologically connected that our brains become less responsive to books and human interaction because we are addicted to the internet, TV, and our phones. Similar to the obesity epidemic in America that most likely stems from high-calories foods stimulation of pleasure on our brains and addictive attributes; I think our everyday use of technology has done the same thing and can soon be considered a digital epidemic.  Who knows maybe next they will consider iPhones and Facebook more addictive that cocaine….we will just have to wait and see.

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This Blog is not about solely the struggle of being a single college student, but about the in depth exploration of the single life and its advantages as well as disadvantages. My blog's goal is to alter people's perception of the single life as well as celebrate the hilarity of single girl's sturggles everywhere.


  1. eduvert1

    THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH. I always had an Oreo addiction as a kid and now I can tell my mom that they are literally like drugs. At least I know it was not my fault..

  2. Sarah Jaihe Lee

    This is so true. I find myself communicating so much via facebook chat and email that I am forgetting how to interact and talk with people in person. Whenever I am about to meet someone for lunch or dinner, I fear that our conversation will be awkward or uncomfortable. I think like, “what are we going to talk about?” I never thought like this before technology became such a prevalent part of my life.


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