Reaction to Slow

To start off, I think that the story of Kohn Ashmore is absolutely amazing. Its rather inspiring to see that an individual can overcome such great obstacles and have such perseverance. Just to start, I think listening to Kohn’s story really makes me appreciate the talents and things I am able to do everyday because sometimes I get caught up in the things that I need to work on and the things I wish I had. Transitioning from the actual story of Kohn and on to the podcast, I think that the composition of the podcast was very fitting of the message it contained. I think that the most effective tool that the maker of this podcast was the usage of layers. As we’ve discussed in class before, it is so incredibly easy to get distracted or multitask. Focusing our attention on one thing nowadays is a rather hard task. The way the podcast layered and overlapped Kohn’s speaking, Andy Mills explanations, and the interviewers questions really held and captured my attention. I found it extremely hard to focus on anything but the actual podcast. In addition to the layers, the multiple forms of speaking used within the podcast held my attention as well. Each contributor in the podcast spoke a different way, and used a different vocabulary–I never became bored with the speaker. Contributing the the dynamic nature of the podcast were the different mediums of speaking that were used. Including the music, signing, and the telephone calls changed it up, and gave me as a listener a more well-rounded “view” of Kohn’s story and situation. Lastly, the variation in the pace of speech was another factor which held my attention. When anyone besides Kohn spoke, it was normal cadence; I was used to processing speech of this speed. But when Kohn spoke, I had to zero in and focus on his every sound; since I had to essentially decode what he was saying, it drew me into the podcast, and the dichotomy of the speech is what kept me on my toes. Overall, I think that the composition of the podcast is what makes Kohn’s story so powerful. I believe that if his actual voice wasn’t used, the podcast wouldn’t have effected me as much.

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I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers University looking to major in marketing. I'm on the field hockey team and spend a majority of my free time (when I'm not on the field or in the classroom) hanging out with my teammates. I love to online shop or more specifically browse and Pinterest is one of my favorite websites to visit.

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